How to use:

1. Choose the format, and paste up to 1000 lines of CAN data into the field. Data can be from a CANDump file, which should look something like:

(1464971748.968052) can0 0CEF2700#F0787CBA7CBA7CB9
(1464971748.980455) can0 0CF00400#FFFFFF0000FFFFFF
(1464971748.981043) can0 18FE9600#00FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
(1464971748.981624) can0 18FD9400#2D04FFFFFFFFFFFF

Or CANvas, which looks like:


(If you've chosen CANvas, choose the year, month and day the data was collected. This isn't required unless you want the Epochtime to be accurate.)

2. Click Translate

The API:

The API can be used for cURL, Python, or other automated methods of translating CAN data. There is a single frame method accessed by simply adding a single frame as the argument to this URL:;d1000014ff0f5e7d
There is also a bulk method, utilized by POSTing the CANbus data as a JSON object, either as a set of frames:

  "can_frames": [

or as a stream separated by '\n' line endings:

  "can_stream": "18fedf00;7da0287d7dfffff0\ncf00300;d1000014ff0f5e7d\n18feef00;ffffff00067dfffa\n18fee000;4624040042240400n",

to the URL: